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Tony Richards on Leadership Development

Today on the CoMo Leaders Podcast, Valerie and Tony Richards from Clear Vision Development Group discuss the difference between training and [...]

Rick Rowden on the Shift from Success to Significance

Valerie and Rick Rowden of Pebble discuss the the two forbidden topics – politics and religion – and how political campaigns can [...]

Amy Schneider on Selling CoMo – What you Unexpect

Valerie and Amy Schneider of Columbia Convention and Visitors’ Bureau discuss the engaged vibrant community of Columbia and how she is [...]

Nadege Uwase on the Business of Doing Good

Valerie and Nadege Uwase of Global Issues Leadership Development discuss how the impact of business is doing good. Go to the Show Page Play [...]

Heidi Fuhrman on Columbia Startup Weekend

Valerie and Heidi Fuhrman of Columbia Startup Weekend discuss the process of Startup Weekend and how the Columbia business community involve [...]

Nelson Muller on Thinking about your Business like an Investor

Valerie and Nelson Muller of Biz Crossing discuss the building blocks of valuing your business and how entrepreneurs can look at thier busin [...]

Michael Urban on Creating an Exceptional Customer Experience In Person and Online

Valerie and Michael Urban of Harold’s Doughnuts discuss creating an exceptional customer experience from start to finish and his journ [...]

Yolanda Ciolli on Navigating an Ever-Changing Industry

Valerie and Yolanda Ciolli of AKA Publishing discuss her entrepreneur journey from one-hour photo to graphic design to book publishing ̵ [...]

Tyson Hunt on Building a Garage Business into a Community Icon

Valerie and Tyson Hunt of Logboat Brewing discuss why he calls it “lucky” that it took 3 years to go from homebrewing as a hobby [...]
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