Steve Smith on Reflecting More, Risking More and Leaving a Legacy

Valerie and Steve Smith of Phoenix Programs, Inc. discuss finding work that directly impacts the lives of others. Download the Podcast (Rig [...]

Erica Pefferman on Renovating a Company Culture

Valerie and Erica Pefferman of the Business Times Company discuss the importance of happy employees and how to create the culture where that [...]

Ashley Garrison on the Intersection of Sports and Business

Valerie and Ashley Garrison of D-Line Sports Center discuss the influence of athletics on life and business. Download the Podcast (Right-cl [...]

Teresa White on CoMo Connect and its Impact

Valerie and Teresa White of Public Works discuss the new CoMo Connect system and its impact on the Columbia community. Download the Podcast¬ [...]

Randy Minchew on Telling Your Business Story

Valerie and Randy Minchew discuss the importance of telling your story and being a connector. Randy connects people, creates businesses and [...]

Ryan Green on Using Data to Make Actionable Decisions

Valerie and Ryan Green of Coegi discuss the value of measuring and assessing analytical data and how measuring something is the first step i [...]

Adam Plevyak on the Motivation of the Entrepreneurial Struggle

Valerie and Adam Plevyak of True Line Title Company discuss the importance of relationship building, the decision to grow and hire employees [...]

Emily Lorenz on Show-Me State Games impact in Columbia

Valerie and Emily Lorenz of the Show-Me State Games discuss the economic impact and community partnership of the GAMES Download the Podcast¬ [...]

Chris Ihler, Thomas Jensen and Scott Schnelle on developing an entrepreneurial team of innovators

Valerie and Chris Ihler, Thomas Jensen and Scott Schnelle of City Power Development talk about building and managing a culture of entreprene [...]

Connor Hall on Being a Young Entrepreneur Always in Beta

Valerie and Connor Hall of Hall Exchange talk about building a student-only membership classifieds site. Download the Podcast (Right-click [...]
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